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When anyone thinks of trophies, they imagine it being part of a legitimate tournament or some sort of real contest. One of the best and funniest things that golfers can do is to give out golf trophies to the guys that they just head out and run an executive 9 with. Imagine how much fun an end of the season lunch would be if there were trophies for most memorable bad hole? Dumbest joke? Worst golf outfit? Golf trophies are cheap and easy to order, so for any group that loves to get together and just play for fun, they can be the perfect way to end the season.

There are thousands of reasons to need golf trophies, but one of the most common, and most commonly overlooked, is a golf charity tournament. Having several trophies on hand: for best round, most donations, best par on a hole, will make your charity end event that much more fun and memorable for the players. Getting trophies from is a great way to thank your players without spending a lot of money.

Some events require immortalizing with golf trophies and awards: a great round, raising the most money for charity or just a great season of laughter. Acknowledging the accomplishments of your golfing buddies or charity golfers can be a powerful motivator; it will remind them how important theu are to you. Since the snow melted, and maybe before, you and your friends have been going out every week, swinging clubs and laughing. Some of the year's best memories were made while hitting a small ball into a small hole from a long distance. There are dozens of types of funny golf trophies that you can get for them to remind them of the great times that you had. One of the classic styles of golf awards are golf cup trophies. Just like the legendary classic tournaments, you can give your winners gorgeous silver or gold cups that will make them feel like they just won the Masters. Another of the great styles are crystal golf trophies. The avante-garde styling and distinctive designs make a bold statement when they are presented to a player. Make sure that no matter what you choose to do, buy your golf trophies from a reputable company that will provide you with great service and quality products.

Whenever your looking to buy golf trophies, always check first. Our prices are cheap(er) and the service is always great. If you give us a chance, we know we will become your go to online professional supplier of golf trophies. prides itself on being able to provide our customers the best prices on golf trophies. We're able to negotiate great prices on many golf trophies and then we pass those savings on to you. That's why were always cheap(er)!

Although is not the biggest golf trophy producers in this country, we are sure cheap(er). It doesn't matter what type of golf awards, golf trophies and awards, golf trophies, golf trophy, golf cups, golf plaques or golf medal that you are looking to buy. All of these golf awards can be found on our website.

Since 1975, our parent company All American Trophy has processed thousands of golf trophies orders. Our Client list includes the Chicago Fire Soccer Team and being the largest awards supplier for the Chicago Public School system (including their JROTC program which is one of the largest in the nation). We know what we're doing and we're happy to pass our knowledge and service on to you. You will always encounter a friendly, professional golf trophies supplier who is eager to provide you with assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I Buy a Golf trophy, Golf medal or Golf plaque online?

Choose the golf awards you would like. Now complete the order form and submit. Please note that our checkout process uses SSL encryption for your security.

How do I buy a Golf trophy on the telephone?

Just call us at 708-535-9104. A professional golf trophies representative is available Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Central Standard Time and Saturday 8:30 am -12:30 pm

What type of credit cards do you accept for golf trophies orders?

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover..

How do I get my golf trophies delivered?

All our golf awards are shipped by UPS.( US only)


Golf Trophy Information:

Golf is a sport in which a player, using several types of clubs, hits a ball into each hole on the golf course in the lowest possible number of strokes. Golf is one of the few ball games that does not use a standardised playing area; rather, the game is played on golf "courses," each one of which has a unique design and typically consists of either 9 or 18 separate holes. Golf has increasingly turned into a spectator sport, with several different levels of professional and amateur tours in many regions of the world. The word golf was first mentioned in writing in 1457 on a Scottish statute on forbidden games as gouf, possibly derived from the Scots word goulf meaning "to strike or cuff". In 2005 Golf Digest calculated that there were nearly 32,000 golf courses in the world, approximately half of them in the United States.

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Our Golf Trophies have a 4.72 out of 5 rating based on 18 user reviews.

Little Joe from said...
When I ordered our golf trophies I was very excited about getting them. When the shipment arrived and I open the box they were beautiful and exactly what I wanted.
George from Kokomo said...
I have not one complaint about the golf trophies we bought from your company. They're very beautiful. I am 100% satisfied.
John from Florida said...
I would like everyone to know about the great customer service I received from your company. Thank you
Michael from South Carolina said...
These are the coolest looking golf trophies around.
Jeff C from Rhode Island said...
I paid less than $10 a trophies. These worked out great for our golf league.
Tommy boy from Mass said...
This was a great deal for the quality of trophies you get the price.
Jerry C from Boston said...
I purchased several of these golf trophies for a local fundraiser. Unfortunately I don't golf myself, but the feedback I got was that these turned out really well.
John Simone from Florida said...
These trophies were well packed, good pricing and an honest buy. There were no gimmicks and we were very satisfied in our choice.
Oscar Norbin from Shreveport, LA said...
Buying our trophies and medals from you for our kids' golf tournament was great… particularly, the price.
Norm Winters from Des Moines, IA said...
I was able to shave 6 strokes off of my golf score this year… and $75 off of our golf trophy bill. Nice work.
Ilsa Greenberg from Glendale, CA said...
Our women's golf league bought trophies form you this year. I was very happy with them. Thank you very much.
Will N from Chandler said...
I have about 30 trophies from our golf tournaments. I have been playing for over 50 years. Yours is the nicest quality I have in my trophy case. Great work.
Quentin Rodriguez from Alberta, MT said...
I had expected to have to order our golf trophies from overseas to get a great price, but it was so easy and you took such good care of the order that I will be back. Thanks.
Vince Parsons from Montgomery, Alabama said...
Doing business with you people is a pleasure. Our golf trophies have been on time and perfect for four years now and I know we will continue to use you.
Adrean Simmons from Tacoma, WA said...
I hate having to shop for trophies every year. Last year was the first time I bought from you. We had a communication mistake and we seemed to get all the wrong things. This year was flawless. I really appreciated the personal attention we got.
Summer W from W. London, NH said...
I hit a hole in one in February and I got one of your trophies this month at the annual Member's Dinner. It was a great thing!
Hank Greene from Modesto, CA said...
I love the trophies we got from you. We were able to use them for the charity tournament and they were cheap enough for us to be able to afford them.
Irene Justice from Harrisburg, PA said...
We purchased 22 golf trophies from you. We only received 21. I called and you were kind enough to overnight the other one. It's not about being perfect; it's about making right when you make a mistake. You did that. We will be loyal customers for a very long time.